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About us

Since many years, Brümmer Strahlmittel GmbH & Co. KG is part of the Sibelco Group. Sibelco has access to a broad range of mineral products via more than 200 production sites that we deliver to our customers through a global distribution network. This year we will be adopting the Sibelco brand and we will become known as Sibelco Europe.

In 1968 we took on the production and sales of NAstra® slag blasting grit (DIN EN ISO 11126-3). NAstra® is an iron silicate slag and is a by-product created during the smelting of copper ore. The products name is an acronym from Norddeutsche Affinerie Strahlmittel, currently known as Aurubis AG

As the first blasting grit of its type in Germany, NAstra® enjoyed a quick and overwhelming acceptance on the market. The strong demand, as early as 1975 required the building of a new factory just across the road of Aurubis on 10.500 m2, which is still our present location. The factory is in a perfect logistical position; very close to motorways in all directions and of course the port of Hamburg.

We offer you grit from our own range of products as well as from other suppliers.

Our main business today is re-usable mineral and metal blasting grit for the water cutting industry along with conventional corrosion protection. A 2.500 m2 warehouse is at our disposal for the storage of these products.